iTunes Applescripts

Add/remove Tags

These scripts allow you to add/remove tags from multiple tracks simultaneously, without changing the existing tags. It stores tags in the comments field.

Why use Tagging in iTunes

Tagging helps when you want to have songs present in multiple play-lists. Doing this manually is possible, but very cumbersome. Using tags allows us to form groups of tracks by tagging them and using smart playlists. You can also create hierarchy of playlists by having conditions with multiple tags.

Another advantage of this method is the tagging information is stored inside ID3 tag of song. So, even if iTunes database is lost but there is a backup of all the songs, the playlists can be easily re-created using smart playlists.

Smart-Playlists in iTunes

You can utilize the best out of this method of organizing your songs by creating "Smart Playlists" To Create a Smart Playlist, select "File -> New Smart Playlist" from the iTunes Menu and select "Comment" as the criteria for matching the files. You can refer to iTunes Help for more details.

Download Add/Remove Tags

Copy/Restore Ratings from Comments

Copy Ratings to Comments:

This script will copy the rating of song to the comments field for all the selected songs. It does not replace the comment, but appends the rating to it. It is in "Rating:100" format. Songs with no rating are skipped.

iTunes stores rating in steps of 20 (20 = 1 *, 100 = 5*). This number is stored in comment.

Restore Ratings from Comments:

This script will restore the song ratings from comments field. If the comment does not contain rating information, then track rating stays unchanged.

Download Copy/Restore Ratings

How to Install

  • Unzip the file contents to "/Library/iTunes/Scripts" for all users, or "~/Library/iTunes/Scripts" for the current user. Once the scripts have been placed in the directory, they will appear in the scripts menu of ITunes.
  • To use the script, just select the songs you wish to update and select a script from the scripts menu.


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