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Terrain Home

Terrain HomeTerrain Home is a smart homescreen for Android that makes your phone simpler and more streamlined by putting everything you care about in one place. It is backed by Samsung Accelerator.

Video Mirchi

Video MirchiVideo Mirchi is the hottest video channel for hindi music. It continuously plays the top bollywood songs based on current charts on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

theicebreak is a new web and mobile application that challenges couples and singles to create rewarding relationships.

Flash Sync

Flash SyncFlash Sync lets you copy music + playlists (from iTunes) and pictures on your computer with any flash based device, for example, Nokia, T-Mobile G1, Sony Ericsson, etc. It suports playlist creation on the device, and also resizes the pictures so the mobile phone or other device can process them quickly.


MIB Browser JMIBBrowser is a java based MIB Browser. It supports GET and SET queries for SNMP enabled devices. MIB Files can be dynamically loaded and can be browsed in the MIB Tree. It is a great tool if you want to get started with the SNMP protocol.

Firefox Extension:
Remove Cookie(s) for this Site

Firefox A firefox extension that lets you remove the cookies of site you are currently visiting. It adds a right-click menu item, and an available toolbar item to do this.

iTunes Applescripts

iTunes Add/Remove Tags: Organize your iTunes songs with the power of tags and smart playlists. This script allows you to store tags in ID3 comment field of the song, so you do not loose the playlists if songs are moved to another machine. Also makes it easy to have a song in multiple playlists automatically.

Copy/Restore Rating from Comments: It copies the track ratings to comments ID3 tag of the song, and lets you restore it. Useful when you are transferring songs across different machines, and dont want to loose the rating information.

QWERTY (Phonetic) keyboard layout for Gujarati Language

Gujarati Keyboard Type gujarati without knowing the keyboard! This layout allows phonetic layout of the keyboard, so you can type gujarati in the way you speak it. Inspired from the phonetic layout from Mac OS X.

HYDRA: High-Speed Data Recording Architecture

Gujarati Keyboard I was involved in research on High Speed Data Stream Recording for development of a modular, scalable architecture to record multiple, concurrent streams using unified algorithms that can accommodate both recording and playback with low latency.

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