HYDRA: High-Speed Data Recording Architecture hydra

I was involved in research on High Speed Data Stream Recording for development of a modular, scalable architecture to record multiple, concurrent streams using unified algorithms that can accommodate both recording and playback with low latency.

This research is guided by Prof. Roger Zimmerman at Data Management Research Laboratory (DMRL), Integrated Media Systems Center, USC.

Details of the project (and pictures) can be found here.


  • USC File No. 3535, U.S. provisional patent application serial no. 60/581,888, June 22, 2004.


  • High Resolution Live Streaming with the HYDRA Architecture
    Roger Zimmermann, Moses Pawar, Dwipal A. Desai, Min Qin, and Hong Zhu.
    Published in the ACM Computers in Entertainment journal, volume 2, issue 4, October/December 2004
  • Report on User Experiments in the Distributed Immersive Performance Project
    E. Chew, R. Zimmermann, A.A. Sawchuk, C. Papadopoulos, C. Kyriakakis, C. Tanoue, D. Desai, M. Pawar, R. Sinha, and W. Meyer.
    Presented at 5th Open Workshop of MUSICNETWORK: Integration of Music in Multimedia Applications
  • Ethernet Interface for Head-Mounted Displays (Technical Report)
    Roger Zimmermann and Dwipal A. Desai.
    USC Technical Report USC-CS-TR05-846, University of Southern California, 2005.
  • HYDRA: High-performance Data Recording Architecture for Streaming Media (Book Chapter)
    Roger Zimmermann, Kun Fu and Dwipal A. Desai.
    Book chapter in Video Data Management and Information Retrieval, editor Sagarmay Deb, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, QLD 4350, Australia. Published by Idea Group Inc., publisher of the Idea Group Publishing, Information Science Publishing and IRM Press imprints, 2004. ISBN 1-59140-571-8

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